Personal photo recap, Jan – July!

I’ve been meaning to do kind of a personal update since I never post personal photos anymore! Here are some of my personal snapshots that sum up what’s been going on with me the first half of the year.. First, as you all very well know by now.. we had a baby! As you might […]

It’s Just a Good Ole Fashioned Easter out in the Country!

I love my family. I adore them. They are absolutely the best. For Easter, we headed out to East Texas to participate in a little food and fun. I just wanted to share a few pictures of the kiddos (my cousin’s kids) enjoying their Easter egg hunt! This is a pretty poor quality picture, but […]

Spring Break Fun – Caldwell Zoo in Tyler, TX

Back during spring break, I headed out on a fun filled day to Tyler, TX with my father in law, sister in law, and four nephews. Why Tyler? Well, why not? It’s a fun day trip to head out of town and see something you don’t normally see. We got started bright and early and […]

The three last pictures

I had been putting off handling these photos because it just hurt too much. It hurt more to look at these then it did to look at any other pictures. I guess it’s because I know they are the last photos I will have ever taken of my Granny, and anything that reminds me of […]

The Longest Week

Even when you know it’s coming sooner versus later, you can never fully prepare yourself for the loss of someone you adore. If you have been reading my blog for a while, you probably know that I adore my Granny, but she has been in poor health for quite some time. Tuesday evening I got […]

Pictures of Christmas Past

My first Christmas. I actually have very vague memories of that horse. We had it until I was probably 4 or 5. Jonathan and Joshua at Christmas 2003. My Mother (on the right) and Aunt Karen sometime in the 60s. (Or perhaps in 1970?) My brother Robert at a Christmas at my Granny’s house. My […]

My adorable nephews..

A few shots of the cutest nephews around! 🙂 My father and little brother came into town early yesterday morning – so if I am a little slower to reply to emails than normal, don’t worry, I’ll get back with you! Have a great weekend all – I know I will!

Preston’s 11th Birthday Party!

The weekend before Thanksgiving our nephew Preston had his 11th birthday party at ASI Gymnastics. I have to say the girls on staff there did a great job.. they worked really well with the kids and they took care of everything. So, if you’re looking for a fun birthday party idea, you should definitely check […]

Holiday Ham

Thursday evening I went over to my sister in law’s house to take some pictures of our four nephews. We were originally going to shoot at an outdoor location but at barely over 40 degrees, we decided it was too cold for the kiddos. I’ll post some more of the other little boogers later on.. […]

Heroes against Breast Cancer!

This weekend was the Dallas edition of the Breast Cancer 3 Day. It was a sixty mile walk spread across three days. Sixty miles! My wonderful sister in law Stephanie and some of her friends did the walk and it was very inspiring. Stephanie has been training hard for the last six months or so, […]