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Sweet Family Session in Plano!

While this was the first time I had the honor of photographing this wonderful family, it isn’t the first time meeting them. I’m happy to say they are friends of ours, and they are even more beautiful on the inside than they are on the outside (hard to believe, I know). Mama J is the kind of person who will feed you when you need a snack, and make you feel heard in moments that are loud. And, her not-so-baby girls are following in her footsteps with their kindness that they shine in the world. The world is brighter with kind souls like this in it, and hey, they’re pretty darn cute to boot! Check out some of my favorite images below.

collage of outdoor photos of a white family with mom, dad, teen daughter and young tween daughter.

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The “V” Family

The “V” family is another new family I got to meet this year, and we hit it off right away. We definitely ran into less than ideal weather and timing with our situation, but we still made some absolute magic. So much laughter, and I love a group who doesn’t take themselves too seriously. It was fast and freezing cold, but we still had fun. It was hard to pick my favorites from this session, but check some out below!

Collage of outdoor family photos with a white family including dad, mom, and young teen daughter and son. They are wearing shades of black and blue.

Now is the perfect time to book your early 2023 sessions to make sure you get a day and time that works for your busy schedule. Drop me a line for more information about family photography in the Dallas area.

The “H” Family in Plano

I always have a great time with this family. They’re just so nice, and I don’t think they could take a bad photo if they tried. It’s been such an honor to watch these sweet babies growing, and Miss C’s hugs just made my day that day. I can never get tired of all the laughter and play. Enough of my mushy chit chat, let’s get on to the cuteness!

collage of outdoor family photos of a white family, dad, mom, sister and preschool age brother

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Holiday Couples Session!

It was wonderful to see this lovely couple again this year. It’s not hard to get great photos of them. It was still rather chilly, but we had some lovely sunshine poking in. Check out some of my favorite images below!

a collage of photos of a white couple dressed in shades of blue in various poses at a park

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ve got a lot more sessions to share with you soon. If you’re interested in booking a session for 2023, please get in touch, and I’d love to talk more with you about my photography sessions.