Preston’s 11th Birthday Party!

The weekend before Thanksgiving our nephew Preston had his 11th birthday party at ASI Gymnastics. I have to say the girls on staff there did a great job.. they worked really well with the kids and they took care of everything. So, if you’re looking for a fun birthday party idea, you should definitely check out ASI Gymnastics.

A small technical note: The colors are a bit off.. I didn’t spend much time on the photos, so I know they’re not perfect! Still fun though 🙂

They started off on these cool trampolines. No adults were allowed on the floor, except one parent at a time.. so I took photos from the outside 😉 Alex wasn’t too sure of the whole trampoline concept.

He warmed up after a while though, lol!

Then they headed over to this giant pit of foam. I was a little bit jealous.

A little trip around the floor, with some follow the leader.

Then they played this other follow the leader/simon says type game where they had to run and do things like touch their heads, elbows, feet, etc to a certain color and then come back and sit down.

Hehe 🙂

Barrett mostly did his own thing on the floor.. 🙂

Then it was time for cake and presents!

Blowing out the candles.

Preston got lots of sweet loot.

Setting the balloons loose (except for the Harry balloon, of course!).

Thanks for looking, and happy Monday!


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  1. Bethany Gilbert - Hattiesburg Family Photographer says:

    What a fun party! I would have never thought of this but I love the idea!

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