Zachary’s 8th Birthday Party!

Today was our (mine via marriage, but still mine! I’ve known him since he was just a tiny thing) nephew’s 8th birthday party. We all went to Peter Piper Pizza which is an arcade/pizza place and everyone had a great time.

Technical note: The colors in the pictures are horrible – but if you’ve ever been to an arcade, you’ll understand. 🙂 To remove all of the varying color casts would take me more time than I’ve got. 😛 I still love them because the people in them are so darn awesome.

Here’s a few from today..

Alex and Aunt Mona, both adorable.

Laramie, who was down from Kentucky with Aunt Tina and her brother Corey. She’s a cheeky one!

Barrett ready to play some skeetball.

Getting a little help from dad.

Preston on one side of the air hockey table..

.. Corey on the other.

The birthday boy doing a victory cheer after winning a match.

Zachary blowing out his birthday candles. He and his brother Preston are huge fans of Highschool Musical.

What mess? 🙂

Zachary loved our present, a Nintendo DS game.

I took lots more, but I need to get off and study for a test tomorrow. Ah, life in school. Only six weeks to go!


2 Responses to “Zachary’s 8th Birthday Party!”

  1. Kristy says:

    Oh, damn girl! I didn’t know pokemon platinum was out!!!!

  2. Sylvia Borgo Photography says:

    You captured great energy and excitement! Color casts, blech, I paid no mind to them!

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