Spring Break Fun – Caldwell Zoo in Tyler, TX

Back during spring break, I headed out on a fun filled day to Tyler, TX with my father in law, sister in law, and four nephews. Why Tyler? Well, why not? It’s a fun day trip to head out of town and see something you don’t normally see. We got started bright and early and headed out, grabbing some breakfast when we got there. After our tummies were full and the adults partook of some much-needed coffee (especially me), we headed to Brookshire’s World of Wildlife Museum. Yes, the same Brookshire’s as the grocery store! It was a free museum with all sorts of animals in it. I won’t lie, taxidermy animals give me the heebee jeebees, but there were animals there you probably wouldn’t see in a zoo, which was interesting. My personal favorite part was their old time general store set up. It had lots of cool antiques in it!

After the Wildlife Museum, we loaded back up and headed down the road to Caldwell Zoo. We were all impressed with it. It’s not huge, but it’s the perfect size to walk around with four kiddos for a couple of hours and see almost everything. Plus, it’s really pretty and well manicured. Of course, I took along my camera to capture some glorified snapshots of all the awesome animals.

Warning.. lots, I mean LOTS, of images coming your way!

Isn’t this little guy adorable?

Papaw helping Alex get a better view! 🙂

You could almost say they’re cute.

Yay elephants! 🙂 He was excited to see them.

The big cats are always my favorite part.. But that’s probably no surprise if you know how much I love my own cats.

We checked out the snakes as well, but it was super crowded in there.

Creepy but cool at the same time.

My absolute, number one favorite. I squealed like a child in line at the ice cream truck when I saw the white tigers. Love!

I can’t remember what this little guy is but he was sure cute.

Before we left, I wanted to try and get a picture of all four boys. See below!

Then we headed off in search of lunch before heading back to Dallas. We ended up eating at this really funky little place off the square in downtown Tyler. I didn’t take my camera inside (more concerned with eating), but while the kiddos were being loaded up in the car, I grabbed a couple of shots.

It was a very quiet ride home..

One sleepy baby…

Two sleepy babies…

The bigger boys watched a movie while the little ones slept. Zachary is always happy to be a little ham for me. 🙂

Thanks for looking and I hope you are having a wonderful Thursday without TOO many April Fools pranks!


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  1. Amorae says:

    Looks like great fun. I haven't been to a zoo in forever. Especially love the pictures of the birds and that cute old grouchy man monkey 😉
    You're nephews are cute!

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