More awesome handmade fabric and brooch bouquets!

Monday afternoon I met up with Ariela from RBK Creations to photograph some more of her awesome bouquets. She had one in particular that she was super excited about plus a few other cool ones. Check them out:

Check out the sparkle!

Brides and bridesmaid bouquets together.

I love the cream mixed with a pop of color.

Also with the bridesmaid bouquet!

I thought this would be so fabulous for a woodsy type wedding, it’s so natural and adorable.

The white and cream bouquet from earlier with it’s coordinating counterparts!

Isn’t this too cute? Little seashells and seahorses, which are perfect with the oceanic colors.

Be sure to check out Ariela’s shop for more bouquets and info on her custom creations.


7 Responses to “More awesome handmade fabric and brooch bouquets!”

  1. Ariela Bonen says:

    Pretty Pretty! Thank you again so much Brandi! They turned out great!

  2. Erin says:

    great stuff! and great pictures!

  3. Patsy says:

    I have absolutely no need for one of these, but I WANT ONE!!! I love the red and black!

  4. Bridge says:

    I agree with Patsy! These look awesome & the photography is great! Good job to both of you! 🙂

  5. Jenny M. says:

    really amazing pictures and always amazing bouquets!

  6. Amorae says:

    Their bouquets are made of epic awesomeness! Can't wait to get my own! Love the pics, especially the detail shots 🙂

  7. Annie Warren says:

    Wow… these bouquets are amazing, and SO different. I've never seen anything like them before! Not for everyone, but for a bride who's a little quirky and likes to walk her own path…. brilliant.

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