Vanessa, Carlos and Their Furry Family – Dallas Family Photographer

Vanessa contacted me about setting up a family session with her husband Carlos, and their three pups in honor of their tenth wedding anniversary! I think it’s such a fantastic way to celebrate a decade of marriage. We hung out in Deep Ellum and had a blast. I just love how much personality this couple […]

Adopt Cats & Kittens in Plano, Allen, McKinney – North Texas Cat Rescue

I met up with the NTCR today for a festive kitty photo session with some of their gorgeous foster cats. These sweet boys and girls are loving and inquisitive and it’s fun to meet the various personalities. You can find out more about the North Texas Cat Rescue by checking out their webpage or find […]

Cats for Adoption – Plano, Allen, McKinney TX

Whew! Today was a BUMPER CROP of kitties from the North Texas Cat Rescue. We had almost forty cats, just today. And, let me tell you.. these sweet babies were far more interested in exploring than letting us take their photos; but that’s okay. There are so many great cats available that really need their […]

Cats & Kittens for Adoption in Plano, Allen, McKinney

Well, it was time for another visit with my long time friends over at North Texas Cat Rescue! I am always amazed at how the cats are, because if you’re a cat owner, you know that cats aren’t the type of animal that is comfortable traveling and being in strange places. It really is a […]

Adopt Cats and Kittens in Allen, Plano, McKinney TX

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve gone to visit my friends over at North Texas Cat Rescue! I missed seeing everybody and all the sweet kitties. We’ve finally gotten back together and I look forward to sharing many more kitties with you. If you are intersted in any of the cats you see […]

Cats and kittens for adoption in Allen, Plano, McKinney!

Whew, it’s been a LONG time (too long) since I met with my friends at the North Texas Cat Rescue. I finally got to go today and they have TONS of gorgeous kitties that need forever homes. All shapes, sizes, colors and personalities. There are tons of kitties, so I will keep it brief. But […]

Adopt Cats and Kittens in Plano, Allen and McKinney!

Today, there were lots of kitties to photograph from the North Texas Cat Rescue! A lot of them really were in the mood to play, love and explore.. but not get their photo taken. But we did our best 🙂 Check them out! Kactus Maja Majick Rhett Daisy Amora Amelio Nina Crosby Popcorn Migo Toulouse […]

Adopt Cats and Kittens in Allen, Plano, McKinney

I finally had a chance to visit with my friends at NTCR and take some photos of their gorgeous kitties! Check them out.. Astrid Odette Darby Samantha Lefty MJ Jazzie Jewel Opale Amora Neige Belle Toulouse Bailey If you are interested in any of these kitties, head on over to the PetSmart in Allen at […]

Adopt Cats and Kittens in Allen, Plano, Dallas!

It feels like it’s been forever since I saw my friends at the North Texas Cat Rescue and their gorgeous kitties. It was great today to go up and photograph all the pretty cats, plus I took my Dad to adopt his new cat (see her at the bottom of the post!). Giovanni Daughtry They […]

Adopt Cats and Kittens in Allen, Plano, McKinney!!

Well, I am a little sad today, because this will be my last visit with my friends at NTCR until probably mid-March or so. I will have plenty, baby-wise, to keep me occupied, but I do love meeting all the new cats, so I will miss that aspect, for sure. There was a large batch […]