Zaida’s Little Red Riding Hood One Year Photos

I had this idea brewing for quite a while! It took me some time to find the right little red riding hood cape and an outfit that wasn’t too costumey. I got the cape from Shelley Wallace Designs and she was GREAT to work with. I went for more of a fantasy type processing on some of these. Both Zaida and the ‘wolf’ (our dog Dante) did a great job!

Little Red was traveling through the dark, scary woods to visit her Grammy.

All of the sudden, she heard a scary sound. “What was that?” she wondered.

The next thing she knew, a big bad wolf was sitting next to her!

“Is this wolf going to eat me?” Little Red wondered to herself.

The wolf smelled Little Red, and she wondered what was going to happen next.

“Maybe this wolf isn’t so scary after all!” Little Red thought to herself.

Little Red stood up and exclaimed, “I’ll take this wolf with me to Grammy’s house!”

And Little Red and the Big Not So Bad Wolf made their way to Grammy’s house for some delicious cookies and milk.


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