Washington Trip: Starbucks #1, Pikes Place Market and the Space Needle!

My last day in Washington we went up to Seattle for some lovely touristy things. It was rainy, though happily, not for the whole day!

After finding a parking spot – we headed up to the very first Starbucks. What I thought was the coolest thing was the fact they toss the cups across the room from the cashiers to the baristas.


The original sign.

Sorry for the nasty gray sky – that’s what it really looked like. I was hiding under a covering on the other side of the street here to escape the rain.

I loved the vintage feel inside.

The view from a lookout bridge at Pikes Place market. Not too inspiring really, but the stadiums in the background are cool.

One of the things I was most impressed with was that there were lots of stalls with huge, gorgeous fresh flower bouquets for cheap. I’m talking, nothing was more than $15 bucks!

I said Amber needed some flowers, so she picked these. The price? FIVE DOLLARS! I’m not even kidding. I wish I could have taken some with me, but it’s not very practical to take a bouquet of fresh flowers on a plane.

I thought the market was cool but honestly it was SUPER CROWDED. A little too crowded for my tastes, so we didn’t stay too long. We decided to head over to the Space Needle! Magically, the sky was beginning to clear up and all of the sudden there were bright blue skies.

Hello Space Needle!

I didn’t even notice until I was processing this, but there is a rainbow over the water on the right side of the picture. Can you see it?

There were still plenty of rain clouds hanging around.

A view from the bottom.

There was this super cool building next to the Space Needle. It turned out to be the Science Fiction museum (SO COOL!) and a music project. We didn’t check it out, just because Amber had already been on her feet for so long. But next time, I’ll definitely have to see what’s inside.

We stopped and ate some tasty Greek food and then headed back to Robert and Amber’s place. Most of the evening I just got ready to fly out the next day, but I did take a few minutes to take a picture of my nephew cat, Squeaky. We bonded a lot while I was visiting.

Sadly, my niece decided she didn’t want to come while I was up in Washington visiting. She waited until two days after I left! But here’s a shot Robert sent me of my brand new niece after she was born.

I hope you all have a great week!


4 Responses to “Washington Trip: Starbucks #1, Pikes Place Market and the Space Needle!”

  1. ohana photographers says:

    awesome shots b! seattle is beautiful and you captured it perfectly!

  2. Bella Pop Photography says:

    oooh exciting to see you were in Seattle too! it's awesome isn't it. I'm surprised we didn't have any rain while we were there, only one day in Forks. go figure!

  3. shawnreeder says:

    Looks like you had an awesome trip Brandi!

  4. Sylvia Borgo says:

    yay for Seattle – a great city indeed. And yeah for your niece! She is a beauty!

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