Tracy’s Cakes – Lewisville wedding cakes and more!

Let me ask you a very serious question.

Do you like.. cake?

Of course you do! What’s better than great cake? Great cake made by super nice, fun people! I got to experience just that when I went to visit Tracy’s Cakes in downtown Lewisville. When I first stepped into the shop, I knew I was in the right place because it was PINK! I had such a great time hanging out with Tracy and her girls. I also had a great time eating some of her delicious cheesecake. If you’re looking for a fun, down to Earth person to make your wedding cake – or if you just need something delicious to eat (and don’t we all??), go over to Tracy’s Cakes and she’ll hook you up with something awesome.


Here’s Tracy. She even has a sweet pink chef’s coat.

Two of Tracy’s wonderful staff. There is actually one more cutie patootie on the team, but due to some privacy concerns, she’ll be our mysterious one. 😉

It was pretty exciting to see some live, in action cake making. I love Food Network, especially shows like Challenge – which often center on cakes.

Some fun details in Tracy’s shop.

I can never pass up a good play on words.

I told you they were fun! This is my type of crowd.

You can tell a girl loves her work when she wears it on her SHOES!

Please refrain from licking the monitor.

A delicious cheesecake and a sample wedding cake. Tracy has books full of her great designs in the shop as well!

One more shot of the girls in closing.

It’s always great to meet a kindred spirit that has as much passion for what they do as you do! Happy Sunday, all.


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  1. Kristal says:

    Brandi you did a fab job with the girls and bakery. What a GREAT group of ladies to work with.
    Creative Shotz Photography

  2. smittengreta says:

    these are so fun and cute!!!!! i love 'em! you think they might be interested in my puffin recipe???

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