Gorgeous product showcase! – Plano Family Photographer

As much as I love taking photographs of my clients, I also love presenting them with amazing finished artwork that they can enjoy right away. It makes your life easier, because you don’t have to take the time and effort to figure out prints. We all have busy schedules, so that’s why I love taking […]

Metal Print Product Showcase – Plano Senior Photographer

Today I wanted to show off this awesome new product I’ve started offering over the last few months. These are a really fun and modern product, and they’ve been gaining popularity with my senior clients. So, what is it? These are metal prints. They are actually printed straight on a high quality aluminum. They have […]

Newborn Product Showcase – Plano Newborn Photographer

I love sharing product showcases with you, when I actually remember to photograph them, because it’s a great way to help you get some ideas on what you may want from your session! This is also why I bring lots of product samples with me to our premiere session, so you can touch and feel […]

Gorgeous Newborn Session Product Showcase – Plano Newborn Photographer

I always mean to do these kind of posts, and I always forget. But, this time I just had to show off this amazing newborn session product collection! After they had their newborn session in my plano photography studio, we got together to go over their photos together. Since we meet in person, I am […]