Rachel & David (with Braeden from Ambient 11 Photography)

Back on July 25th I got the privilege of lending a hand (and camera in that hand) to Braeden over at Ambient 11 Photography. I had a great time with Rachel, David, and their friends and family (and Braeden too, he’s a cool guy!). I also enjoyed, as I always do, the opportunity to be kind of second fiddle. I adore being the primary shooter at my weddings, and I just love building relationships with my couples…but it’s also fun to kind of take a backseat and just shoot with maybe a little less pressure. 🙂

I love all parts of weddings, from beginning to end, but the getting ready and the reception are definitely places to stretch those creative muscles. I did just that at this wedding, and I got LOTS of favorite photos. This isn’t even all I originally picked as my favorites…but I had to weed it down a little bit!

Okay, let’s stop talking and get to the pictures.

The beautiful bride.

Okay, I admit I’m addicted to mirror shots.

I love the fact that Rachel’s shoes had an emotional connection for her; they were her ‘lucky’ shoes.

I am so wild.wild.wild over this shot.

I also hung out with the guys while they got ready.

I loved the ring bearers. They were too cute. In the last shot, he’s telling the other little one this hilarious story that was one of those ‘out of the mouths of babes’ type things.

I don’t think you ever out grow the urge to do this, right ladies?

Rachel had great expressions.

Rachel and David started out with a traditional dance, and then broke into a crazy dance that I was in love with.

Such a fun group!

See the above comment. Told you that nobody outgrows it. :p

Shout.. a little bit louder now..

Off they went!

Congratulations to Rachel and David, and a big thanks to Braeden for having me along!


4 Responses to “Rachel & David (with Braeden from Ambient 11 Photography)”

  1. smittengreta says:

    these are SO GOOD!!!!!! love all the fun angles and unique perspectives you used in the getting ready pics!

  2. ohana photographers says:

    lovin em all especially the little girl twirling!

  3. Zak says:

    Awesome Brandi! Love the looks on the two boys walking down the aisle. 🙂

  4. chelophoto says:

    Your work amazes me, Brandi!! I'm not just saying that 🙂

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