Mr. K’s First Birthday with Family Photos!

I always say, babies are going to baby. You never know how a sweet little one will be feeling a particular day. Mr. K really needed his mama in a big way the day of our session, and sometimes that’s just how it works. It’s not ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’, it simply is, and we roll with it the best we can. We still got some smiles when Mr. K was getting his snuggles, and I’m a big fan of keeping it honest. Life isn’t always going to flow perfectly, and that’s okay. Mr. K did warm up (on this rather cold day) when we did our outdoor family photos, including big sisters, big brother and grandma, too! He’s as cute as a button, even when he’s not smiling. Check out some of the images from this session below!

photo collage of one year old Black boy in a red brick and wood floor, elmo inspired backdrop

photo collage of Black family in plano nature preserve

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