The “M” Family

How sweet is this beautiful family? The kiddos are so much fun and full of energy and personality! I just had to capture some of their movement in some fun images at the end. I always have such a blast with kiddos in this age range.. Oh wait, I have fun with all the kids! […]

Sweet Family Session!

This sweet family always brings the style with their sessions. I love that Mr. C loves to dress up and bring his flair to our sessions. Such a handsome young man. Not only do they have style, but they have a great sense of humor as well. Dad had to have surgery on his foot, […]

The “D” Family

We have yet another fabulous family that I originally met through my first birthday sessions. I photographed big brother Mr. W for his first birthday, and I’ve been photographing this family since then. And, I love every single moment of it! They went from a terrific three to a fantastic four earlier this year, and […]

The “W” Family

It’s hard to believe I’ve been photographing this family for more than 8.5 years already. From their engagement session, through the wedding, and many other sessions until this point. The kids were as adorable as they always are, and I love that Miss F was giving her little brother tickles to make him smile. I […]

The “J” Family

It had been a couple of years since I had seen this family, so it was great to catch up with them. I can’t believe how big these kids have gotten! I love the color palette that mom chose for their outfits. Check out some of my favorite images from our family session below. Thanks […]

The “B” Family

One of the greatest gifts as a photographer, is how you get to watch children and families grow through the years. It gets me especially melty when it happens to be one of my long time friends. I was able to photograph them when Mr. G was cozy in mama’s belly, and when he was […]

The “P” Family in Downtown Dallas

It’s been great to be able to capture the “P” family over the last five years. This year, mama wanted us to shoot with the fantastic Dallas skyline in the background, and we headed down to the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge and had a lovely, slightly overcast morning to hold their family session on. Now […]

The “L” Family

I am such a lucky photographer to have such a wonderful client family! This family is another group that is just always so wonderful to work with. I’ve had the privilege of photographing both of these sweet baby’s first birthday sessions, and I love seeing them together as a family as well. Big sister just […]

The “N” Family

This is another great family that I always have such a good time with! I can’t believe that Mr. A is such a big guy now. I still remember how much fun we had with his baseball inspired cake smash session several years ago. He is still such a wonderful, personable little guy to photograph. […]

The “D” Family

I recently held my annual fall petite sessions, and it was absolutely wonderful to catch up with so many of my favorite families. The first family I got to see was a very special one, indeed. Beautiful mama adopted these two sweet babies, and they are all such a wonderful match! I photographed Miss C’s […]