Free Easter Card Craft Printable – Fun & Easy

Here in our household, we love to make homemade cards. Zaida is only three but she’s been making cards (maybe with some assistance) for a long time now. It was something I enjoyed doing as a child, and it just adds that personal touch to special events. Plus, I’m always up for a reason to be crafty! Today I wanted to share a template with you to make your own Easter Egg cards to share with your friends and family this weekend.

free easter card craft printable

This is a really fast and easy craft and a great way to let the kids play behind you while you get some work done (trust me, I understand!).

1. Download the card template here.
2. Print on cardstock (preferred). Make sure you choose borderless printing and print actual size so that it lines up properly!
3. Fold the card in half, and your egg should line up perfectly on the fold. You can either cut it out now or let the kids color it in first, and then cut it out.
4. Color and embellish as you choose! Glitter is always a fun touch. 🙂
5. Write your message on the inside and share with those you love.

I hope you enjoyed this Easter card craft and have a great weekend with your family and friends.

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