Colorado | Part Two

One day three we headed out for some adventures in the Southwest part of the state. Now, while the part of Colorado we stayed in was very typical ‘Colorado’ to me, where we went on Wednesday was not. I had never really pictured extreme desert in Colorado, but it’s there. We went all the way out to Four Corners, and then stopped at Mesa Verde to check out the ancient dwellings. And yes, it was very hot! But, I loved seeing all the different terrain and lots of big open sky.

On Thursday, we took a ride on the train from Durango to Silverton. There were more sights to be seen; although to be 100% honest (as I try to be) it wasn’t my favorite part of the trip. I actually got a piece of soot in my eye and it didn’t feel too great. But, it was definitely an experience and Zaida had a great time.

On Friday I’ll have one last post with a few more photos from our trip. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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