Colorado | Part One

Well, I am just a wee bit behind on sharing some of my photos from our trip to Colorado. I had never spent time in Colorado prior to this, unless you want to count the Denver airport (and I don’t). It was pretty much like you might imagine Colorado. Mountains, trees, and clear babbling brooks everywhere you look. We stayed with family and friends in a Victorian style house in a small town called Silverton. The first full day we were there, we did some driving up in the mountains, which was pretty interesting. I had never been on rough trails like that before, and once was probably enough! It was beautiful, though. We saw the most incredible rainbow ever. I don’t feel like I was even able to capture it’s real beauty. We also saw an old mining village, and some very rapidly changing weather!

The second day we took it a little easier and went on a mine tour of the Old 100 Mine before we had some lunch in Silverton.

I’ll share some more later this week. Have a great one!

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