Bermuda Travel Photos

Well, it’s been a good year for us so far! First, we got to go to Puerto Rico for Leah and Zeb’s wedding, and then we got to go to Bermuda. But, this time we were on 100% vacation. It’s all thanks to my brilliant husband and his ‘real’ job (as many of you know, he does second shoot for me most of the time at weddings). Long story short, this vacation was a reward for him being incredibly awesome, as he is.

Bermuda was really lush and tropical, as you might expect. We had a bit of rain when we first got there, but things turned around. Our hotel was gorgeous and the view from our room couldn’t be beat. I don’t think there was a bad view in the place. It’s nice to have that time as a family without worrying about our jobs and the other things that pull us every which way at home. We hung out with friends, ate lots of yummy food and even attended a beautiful beach party with a fire performance on the Thursday night. We took a few boats around Bermuda and really got to enjoy their amazing blue-green water and the glimmering white roofs on all their buildings. It’s a really unique place and I’m so glad we had the chance to visit.

I hope everybody has a fantastic weekend!

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