Amy & Aaron – The Party (and, the conclusion!)

Okay folks, today will be the last post from Amy & Aaron’s way awesome wedding! Now we’re moving onto the reception. Brian, Sara, and I all remarked that it had some of the best music of any reception we’d ever been to. Which also means, Amy & Aaron like the same kind of music we do ;). The dance floor was on fire pretty much the entire time, which I always love!

Check it out below:

There were a variety of awesome fresh centerpieces!

Check out the beautiful pomanders as well!

Both cakes were heavy on the strawberries – YUM!

Obviously, it didn’t take long for the party to get started 😉

Amy & Aaron were all smiles for their first dance – so sweet.

No party is complete without a moonwalk, and Josh did a fine job.

These just make me go awwwwwww. 🙂

Aaron’s Dad had some sweet dance moves too!

I thought Amy & Aaron’s favors were really unique. They had repurposed glasses with organic tea. Environmentally friendly and one of a kind!

When Amy first threw the bouquet, she hit that beam overhead. However, the second time was a success and even garnered a victory lap. 🙂

You could really tell that Amy and her brother were really close.

Hey! I’m still waiting to get MY picture back.. 🙂

Everybody’s cheered Amy & Aaron on their way out. By the way, did you notice Amy’s gorgeous purple dress? I absolutely love it.

We had such a great time with everybody at this super fun wedding. There were smiles on every face and you could just feel the love in the room. It was everything a wedding should be, in a distinct and personal way. We love you guys, you’re awesome!


7 Responses to “Amy & Aaron – The Party (and, the conclusion!)”

  1. Caroline says:

    I have no other comment than beautiful- the wedding, the bride, the guests, the photography, the flowers- everything was gorgeous!

  2. Rachael Earl says:

    Awesome and so clean! Hooray for daytime receptions!!!

  3. Sandy says:

    Wow, everyone really had so much fun on this day and is was a blast to share the joy Amy & Aaron have as a couple so completely and blissfully in love.

  4. Shanna McKay* says:

    I love it love it love it — I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every post following this wedding. They look so happy, and they're having so much fun; everything is just gorgeous. I can't say enough. I only wish there were 50 more of me so they can get awesome free stuff haha

    Beautiful job, Brandi&Co.

  5. Zak says:

    That looks like a good time! The favors…awesomeness! I'm all about green living and that is way cool! I like seeing the Brandi Thompson Photography team in the last one too. 🙂

  6. Jan says:

    Wow everything was wonderful I love the flower shots at the begining- the bride and groom looked so happy and the mother of he bride— what a differene being out of the office makes! Congrats and good luck!!


  7. Sandy says:

    Every time I look at these photos I find a new favorite. This is truly what it's all about. Love and family and friends…..nothing could be more beautiful.

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