Ailea & Marshall’s nature surrounded Plano engagement session!

I met up with Ailea & Marshall on a beautiful Sunday morning for a quick hour long engagement session. As I mentioned previously, they actually live up in Washington D.C. and booked me from afar. I loved spending time with Ailea & Marshall and felt we connected right away. They are fun and laid back and absolutely adorable (as you can see!). I am super excited for their wedding this Saturday!

They definitely got things started off on the right foot!

I love the snuggliness.

Hello, gorgeous sunshine.

These few photos break the rules of ‘good’ lighting, but you can just consider us part of the rebel photography alliance.

Uhm, adorable? I think so!

They requested some shots in their sunglasses. I’m loving the high fashion pose!

I am so fortunate to be able to work with some of the coolest clients on the planet. You guys are awesome!


4 Responses to “Ailea & Marshall’s nature surrounded Plano engagement session!”

  1. jenny says:

    LOVE the shots among the flowering trees… priceless!

  2. Ginger Murray says:

    Rocked it out.
    Ahhh, Spring time and love:)

  3. Amy H says:

    Soooo cute! What a handsome couple!!!

  4. Lyssachelle says:

    SO pretty! What a perfect time to take engagement shots!

    And your couples are always so gorgeous! I had the " *gasp!* They are going to have such pretty babies!" moment when I saw these two. 🙂

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