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People always ask for help with what to wear, and that’s why I started sharing my What to Wear inspiration boards. But, I think I probably get more what to wear questions about maternity than anything else. It’s totally understandable, because as a woman, you’re dressing a body that’s different to you; especially if it’s your first child. Today I’m actually focusing specifically on what to wear to show off a bare bump! It might not be obvious at first, but there are a lot of fun options that you can wear.

The Top:

A lot of women go with a bandeau type top as the upper part of their outfit, because, well, it just works! But you can mix it up in a lot of ways. Go for a pretty lace bandeau instead of a solid one, or go for a bright color instead of a neutral. Adding layers can add a lot of dimension to your outfit, and it also adds a little more cover if you’re feeling more modest. Instead of a classic white shirt, go for something sheer and soft, and roll up the sleeves, leaving the rest of the shirt unbuttoned. You can also add a cropped, open knit cardigan in a fun color.

I’ve included another option that I actually did myself. I’m a bit insecure about my upper arms, so I wore a cropped lightweight sweater the covered up the areas I didn’t like, while showing off my belly. You can find crop tops in a variety of colors at American Apparel and Victoria’s Secret.

The Bottom:

Jersey knit skirts are great bottom options. Skirts come in maxi length or knee length and a variety of colors and patterns. They sit comfortably under your belly and they’re also great for that post-partum time as well. Target and Old Navy both have great selections on skirts. If you’re more of a jeans kind of girl, and you want to wear jeans while showing off your bump – go for regular jeans and not maternity panel jeans. Just wear a lower rise jean with the button undone. It provides a much cleaner look than pushing down the maternity panel.


Don’t forget to add accessories to your outfit. Outside of jewelry, I love scarves in maternity photos. They can be used over a bandeau as a top, they can be tied around your hips for extra color or draped around your neck to frame your belly as well. Target has a huge selection of beautiful, affordable scarves.

I hope this has helped you start to imagine some possibilities for your maternity session wear. To help you visualize, I’ve included some photos below the inspiration board.

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