Wanna make some money? Get some stuff? Help me out?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, have I got the DEAL for you!

Here it is in a nutshell:

For every paying client you refer to me (Brandi Thompson Photography), you will receive an Amazon gift certificate! $10 dollars for portrait sessions and $20 for weddings (this number will probably go up soon, but for now.. ). You can also choose to apply your refer bonus to my services and products if you rather!

Rules, because we’ve got to keep things clear and simple.

1. The first rule of this promotion is, that we don’t talk about this promotion… hehe.. no.. totally kidding… 🙂 Tell everyone!
2. Payouts will happen once a month, at the end of the month.
3. Payouts can only happen after the session has occured or the retainer has been put down for the wedding.
4. Clients must tell me you sent them when they contact me!

That’s it! Those are the rules. How easy is that? So easy!

So, why

Well, here’s why. Amazon is the general store of the internet. They’re huge and they have EVERYTHING! Run out of your favorite mascara? Been dying to get your hands on a good book? Bored with all your video games and need a new one? What about shoes? I am sure that your closet could use a pair or two , right?

A little hint on buying shoes on Amazon. I will find a shoe I like on Amazon, usually for an awesome price, then I go over to Zappos site and check for reviews on the shoe to find out what people say about fit and comfort level! I have bought at least two dozen pair of shoes off Amazon and really have had positive experiences with them.

Soooo. You want some stuff? I know you do! Tell your friends, family, dog walker, cake decorator, dentist, and whomever else you come across. Get stuff!

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