Kandace and Jason.. are very patient people.

Today was a super exciting, nail biting, edge of your seat adventure. I went out to meet up with Kandace and Jason for a post-wedding-vogue-bridals-gq-groomals session (whew.. I need a good description!) and oh boy, did we have an adventure.

I am too tired to really type up the whole thing, perhaps when I post more of their pics, but for now I just have to say THANKS, you guys are awesome and lots of fun.

Now for some teaser pics!

Rockstars … or super spies… you tell me.

There were quite a few people out at the lake fishing. This guy kept saying “I’ve never seen this before!” and seemed downright flabbergasted to see Kandace and Jason in their fancy duds. He asked if he could take their picture, which they kindly obliged… and he gave them a bell.

We were confused too. Kandace and Jason took it home as a souvenir of their adventures.

Now for something completely different…

Hello, fierce!

The bar said “awwwwwwww”. 🙂

I had a super-fun time with K&J! The pics look great and I can’t wait to get down to editing them all!


5 Responses to “Kandace and Jason.. are very patient people.”

  1. Zak Schwank says:

    Love the pool table shots!!! Fierce!

  2. ohana photographers-david and kimi says:

    totally lovin that last shot!!!

  3. Shan Renee says:

    AWESOME! I love the light in the first image!

  4. Sarah says:

    Interesting bar shots.. wouldn’t have thought of it. 🙂

  5. Amy says:

    Adore the pool shot, looks rad-tastic with that lighting and perspective.

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