Vivian and Adrian’s Dallas Lofty Spaces Reception!

It’s time for part two of Vivian & Adrian’s super fun wedding! Without much further ado.. let’s get to the pictures!

Nintendo groom’s cake? My inner geek was super pumped!

Vivian and Adrian invited everybody to join them for their first dance 🙂

After some dancing, while everybody was eating, Beau from Lofty Spaces asked me if I wanted to take Vivian & Adrian onto the roof for some sunset shots with the skyline in the background.. My response was something along the lines of hell yes! I checked with Vivian & Adrian and of course, they were totally excited!

So sweet!

Even though I have this pose with their serious vogue faces, I love the smiley version even more.

Back to the party!

Funny, funny! 🙂


Everybody’s had a long but awesome day!

Vivian & Adrian, thanks so much for choosing us! Can’t wait to see you soon for your trash the dress session!


3 Responses to “Vivian and Adrian’s Dallas Lofty Spaces Reception!”

  1. lynn says:

    OMG, the details from this wedding are fabulous! And can I just say, that photo of the forks? Coolest fork photo ever! LOL. I love that you saw that. I would never have thought of that. I love the wheatgrass, orange flowers, NINTENDO cake (omg!) and the rooftop photos are a wonderful finishing touch. You knocked this one out of the park Brandi!

  2. thora holbrook says:

    I love all these and the nintendo cake is awesome! You are so good!


    beautiful couple! love the cityscape shots and that groom's cake is the bomb!

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