The Winner is.. and a note :)

First I want to give a big congratulations to Jodi T. for being the winner in my giveaway. I hope you enjoy your prizes. Thanks again to all the kind sponsors who donated their items. I hope everybody will continue to check out the shops (find them easily linked my facebook page) of these fabulous vendors.

Also, I just wanted to write a little note. I have been sick with the flu all week and I am just exhausted, quite honestly. So, instead of stressing myself out further by worrying about blogging here I am just going to take a break this next week. Who knows, I may be good to go before the week is up, but if not… don’t worry, I’ll be back soon with more great stuff for you to look at.

Here’s some bonus sneak peek shots for you:

Much love to you all and have a great week and Happy July!

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