Diana & Rob’s Sunny, Love Filled Session!

*tap tap* Is this thing on? Wow, I’m pretty sure that was the longest blog break I have taken.. maybe ever? I am feeling much better now and ready to rock and roll! Let’s get started with a session that is near and dear to my heart. One of my dearest, long time friends Diana and her new husband, Rob. They actually got married while Diana was visiting Rob around New Years, while he was stationed in Korea. Diana gave me the full story and trust me, it was indeed like a scene from a movie. They will be having a ceremony with all the bells and whistles later on! Outside of being totally gorgeous, Diana is a super-mega-genius (I’m not joking!) and just a fun person in general. When you are around Diana and Rob it’s clear how well they connect with one another, and I am so happy for them both.

We met up in Grapevine on a, not surprisingly, warm day and rocked it out. Check it out for yourself.

Laughter = My favorite. <3

I had climbed up on a train car to get a few shots and on my way down, tragedy struck. I ripped a big hole in one of my favorite summer skirts. At least I didn’t expose (haha!) myself. I carried on!

Seriously, too cute!

We headed out to the lake for some gorgeous sunset shots.


Diana is a photography enthusiast herself, though her busy schedule doesn’t allow her to shoot like she’d like.

I “luuuuurrrrrvveee” you very much! Thanks for letting me take your photos.

I hope everybody had a great holiday and come back later this week for more good stuff.


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  1. Sollitaire says:

    You're the absolute best evar!!! <3 <3

    Loooove you soooo much! Thanks for doing such a great job. These are truly fantastic! 😀

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