The "L" boys – Family Session in Allen!

I had such a good time shooting the “L” boys. They were all perfectly polite and charming. We shot family shots of the boys together, individual shots of the boys and then we shot some senior photos of Anthony, since he’s graduating this year. Today I’m just going to show you the family shots, and save Anthony’s senior photos for tomorrow!

Lucas went first, so he could show us all how it’s done.

Then it was Zach’s turn!

I asked Lucas to stand on the pillar, and he goes “I’m the tallest!” So cute.

After some porch-poses, we headed out to a field.

Lucas came up with this on his own.

Then I told them to be themselves 😉

We got a few more of those GQ poses in as well.

The boys really made me think of my own brothers. They are almost the exact age difference that my brothers are from one another.

Jonathan and Joshua in September 2005.

Thanks for looking and be sure to come back tomorrow to see Anthony’s pictures!

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