Check out these new Portrait Lightroom Presets by Sleek Lens

I have been a huge fan of Lightroom for the longest time. Normally, I am a fully ‘scratch’ editor, meaning I don’t use any regular presets, but I edit everything by hand. But, I had the opportunity to try the Sleek Lens ‘Strike A Pose’ Lightroom workflow presets recently, and I have found some I […]

The Do’s & Don’t’s of Starting Your Own Photography Business

I’ve certainly learned a lot in the years I’ve been running my business. I won’t lie, there are a few things I’ve learned the hard way. Like anybody in these times, I see lots of new photographers popping up. I began to think about some of the basic do’s and do not’s that I wanted […]

“What Lens Should I Buy Next?” – Part Three – Lens Buying Guide

A photo taken by my phone; why not? Part One Part Two We’re onto part three of the lens buying guide! I addressed a couple of very common lens related issues in the previous post, and now I want to talk about lenses and their ideal uses for various photographic situations. Remember, these are just […]

Tutorial: Preventing “Soft” Images – Photography Tips & Tricks

Sometimes you might take a photo and you know it’s not quite right, but you can’t put your finger on what is exactly wrong with it. One of the most common complaints I see is that an image is ‘fuzzy’ or ‘soft’. While everybody can appreciate a soft and fuzzy teddy bear, blanket or cat…we […]

“What Lens Should I Buy Next?” – Part Two – Lens Buying Guide

A photo taken by my phone; why not? Now that you’re a little more familiar with what exactly goes into a lens, it’s time to help you figure out which lens you need. This is going to vary per person; because we don’t all shoot the exact same thing in the exact same way. The […]

“What Lens Should I Buy Next?” – Part One – Lens Buying Guide

Note: I don’t claim to be the master of lens knowledge, but I will do the best I can to share what I know. Please, feel free to use Google to further learn about these various concepts. A photo taken by my phone; why not? One of the most common questions I see from budding […]

Tutorial: Blogging Tips & Tricks Part Two – Photography Blog Help

Welcome to part two of my blogging tips and tricks. This will cover more of the technical side of blogging. But don’t worry, this is ‘technical light’ if you will. 🙂 If you missed part one of this series, find it here. Where Should I Blog? If you don’t already have a blog, there are […]

Tutorial: Blogging Tips & Tricks Part One – Photography Blog Help

Welcome to part one of my mini series on running an awesome blog. For the first part we’re going to talk about content and then, we’ll get into the technical side of things! So here we go. Be Yourself One of the most important things I can tell you when it comes to your blog […]

Easy Black and White Conversions – Lightroom & Photoshop Tutorials

Note: Some of this is just my personal opinion/style but it still shows you the basics and you can adjust from there! There are a lot of actions out there for black and white conversions, but it’s not hard to create them all on your own! Like any photo, the best black and white images […]

Lightroom Editing Tips: Warm, Rich and Golden!

I had several people ask me about the editing I did on Morgana’s session that I posted recently. As far as my editing goes, in general, I edit an image ‘from scratch’ in LR and then I will synchronize* images and do any tweaking. I do not use actions and I rarely, rarely use other […]