Snow in Southtown

After many days of warmer temperatures, we finally got some snow down here in the Southern states. At least, in Texas. I popped out for just a couple of minutes to snap a few photos.

I hope you are all staying safe and warm in this wintery weather. Happy Monday and have a great week!


3 Responses to “Snow in Southtown”

  1. Brad Castro says:

    Wow – that second image with the tree is incredible. You've got your Christmas card for next year.

  2. smittengreta says:

    so jealous of you and your snooooow!!!! we have none. just hail 😛 beautiful pics!

  3. Cathy Deschamps says:

    It's strange for me to see snow in Texas! Here in Montana we get a daily dumping. Great pics by the way.

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