Jonnorae: Wedding of Awesome, Part Two!!

Here is more of the fun fabulousness from Amorae and Jonny’s wedding! There were so many amazing details..! It was hard to narrow down photos to post on the blog.

Too cute for their own good!

They had a round of Rock, Paper, Scissors to see who would read their vows first.

I thought it was awesome the way the included a Harry Potter reference in their ceremony, brewing a potion instead of a typical unity ceremony!

The custom puzzles match the tattoos that Amorae and Jonny have on their wrists.

Custom robot cupcake toppers were made by Lubu on Etsy!

Their MC did a hilarious rap in Amorae and Jonny’s honor!

We found some hooligans defacing the newlywed’s car.. 😉

Amorae & Jonny – we had so much fun at your wedding! Thanks for being the coolest people ever!


6 Responses to “Jonnorae: Wedding of Awesome, Part Two!!”

  1. Samantha Nandez says:


    Harry Potter, Paper Rock Scissors, Toys! SUper awesome 😀

  2. Suzie Bell Photography says:

    Brandi, this couple is by far my favorite engagement shoot you've done but the wedding even tops the engagement shoot. Very awesome and what a cute couple!

  3. Gail says:

    What a FUNNNN wedding! I love this couple. They look like so much fun! (and that groom's glasses are cute 🙂 )

    Great job Brandi!

  4. sogpop says:

    Thank you Brandi for the awesome photos! No one else could have captured our wedding like you did.

  5. chewymama says:

    wow they are the coolest ever. I love it all! so fun!

  6. Joanna19 from ILP says:

    that IS super awesome!!! what great ideas for a wedding and love love love all the colour. great shots!!

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