Jayme & Matt’s Victorian Goth Halloween Wedding – Part One!

I am sure you remember the awesome sneak peeks from Jayme & Matt’s Halloween wedding. Now it’s time to get a big ole juicy helping of how awesome it was!

A little disclosure, first. I have known Jayme for probably.. eight years, or close to it. We first met online on a little website called LiveJournal. I’ve always known Jayme has impeccable taste and a unique sense of style and I knew the wedding would be gorgeous. Jayme had her gown custom made and also customized her hat to fit in perfectly with her vision. She got ready on the day of the wedding at the amazing Adolphus hotel in downtown Dallas.

Enough chatter.. let’s get to some pictures!

The dress in all it’s awesome glory!

Jayme’s hair stylist was amazing. Just look at the perfect tiny curls the girls were sporting. I was incredibly impressed! Plus she was super sweet.

The amazing flowers were done by Jayme’s mother! She did a fabulous job.

Jayme was authentic – She sported a corset under her dress.

Bustling and getting protected from static – Jayme’s bridesmaids were on it.

I was crazy for these cool mirrors – they had a porthole type effect.

After everybody was ready we headed out to snap a few pictures in the hotel and wait for the limo hearse.

Look who was hanging out in the lobby!

The limo hearse took us over to the Pioneer Plaza area with one of the oldest cemeteries in Dallas.

Holy gorgeousness!

While I was with the girls, Brian was over with the guys at Times Ten Cellar!

It’s tradition, they say 🙂

Some awesome flare!

I love this shot of Matt!

Awesome shoes.

Come back tomorrow for more from Jayme & Matt’s wedding!


11 Responses to “Jayme & Matt’s Victorian Goth Halloween Wedding – Part One!”

  1. Andi V. says:

    the right half of wed_blog24.. Jayme's face is incredible, wow, "holy gorgeous" doesn't even begin to describe how beautiful she looks in that moment captured in time 🙂

    ps – and I still fancy a smile over the Victorian frown! I'm happy to see a few smiling faces in there 😉

  2. Andi V. says:

    Oh and how can I not comment on the boys too? Alex's bear hug on Matt and Dan's air kiss say it all.. that's love right there! Great moment captured!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Great stuff. =) Love the black and white shots and how they fit in so well with what they were wearing.

    shooman out

  4. chelophoto says:

    omighosh awesome. Awesome!

  5. smittengreta says:

    the mirror shot is sooooooo awesome!!!!!! i love love love the black and white of her and the girls and the b&w of him solo too!!!!! fun wedding!

  6. Tinker Ramone says:

    amazing photos! The wedding attire is quite lovely!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I so had a Halloween wedding idea for me and my ex-fiancee. Too bad that marriage never happened…well no it isn't bc I am now married to a totally awesome man that loves me. Unfortunately, I could not reuse the wedding idea on a different guy lol. But I love these photos and eventhough I do not know the couple I wanted to comment for them to win freebies. In the event my husband and I ever get to have a wedding (we eloped) I would love for you to do our photos. Maybe I can still dress as the Bride of Frankenstein 🙂

  8. amanda says:

    I adore this wedding, a photographers dream!! That image in the mirror reminds me of The Ring, chills. nice job!

  9. Lyssachelle says:

    They look so great; almost unreal, like they are straight out of an awesome photo shoot for unconventional weddings! Love it.

  10. Amy and Aaron H says:

    Beautifully photographed to reflect the period essence of the garments and hairstyles. Little modern twists make it really outstanding (mini-hats, shorter skirts, modern shoes, goth influence). Love the perfectly executed makeup and curls! Congrats to Jayme and Matt!

  11. Maria Hibbs says:

    Wow! Matt & Jayme's style is amazing!! Love the photos old school black and white photos.

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