Going out of town – One week from today! 03/15 – 03/19

Just wanted to let everybody out there know that Brian and I will be out of town from March 15th – March 19th. We are shooting Jessica and Daniel’s wedding Saturday, then it’ll be to bed with us and up early to hit the road.

Where are we going? Well, I’ll be glad to share that with you! First we are going to head up to Russellville, Arkansas where my grandparents (father’s side) live and visit them. Then we will be going up and over further to Louisville, Kentucky to see a bunch of Brian’s family (he was born there!).

I’m very excited, both to spend some great one on one time with my wonderful husband, and to see our families. You know we will be bringing along our cameras, so stay tuned for lots of pictures of the gorgeous countryside and our awesome families.

If you wish to contact me during this time, please send an EMAIL. I will have my laptop, so I will try to be online at least once a day, and I will respond to emails during that time. I will be stopping by the post office this week to put packages in the mail to anyone waiting on pictures. I will try my best to keep the blog up while gone, as well!

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