Chin up

In the face of overwhelming pain you feel a lot of emotions. Numbness with a dash of denial, and a healthy serving of depression upon remembering the reality. But I can’t let myself sink further and further down that hole. I will pick myself up and throw myself into something I love and let it heal me.

Hopefully the extreme cold we’ve been experiencing will be passing soon, and it’ll be warm enuogh to run around outside and shoot. I am planning several fun things, so keep an eye out on the blog for them soon.


2 Responses to “Chin up”

  1. Bella Pop Photography says:

    Brandi, I was really sad to hear about your Granny. I know she was loved very VERY much. Take care hang in there and I'm with you in hoping the warmer weather will come back soon. xoxo b

  2. Gail says:

    SO sorry to hear about your granny! I lost my grandpa in summer '08 and it's a hole in my heart I still feel. Will be thinking of you in the days ahead

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