Cheesy 80’s Movies are Awesome!!

Shoulder pads are bad, there are few people that will dispute that. But, we can’t forget about the many GOOD things that came out of the 80’s! Like awesome music (if you watch my music video history, you will see I have quite the affinity for 80’s music!) and super awesome, deliciously cheesy, feel-good movies!

There are many, many 80’s movies that I love, but here are just a few..

Mannequin with Andrew McCarthy and Kim Cattrall. I just watched this on TV today while I was working on a school project. I will always stop and watch it if I happen to see it on!

Maid to Order with Ally Sheedy I haven’t actually seen this in ages, but I still think about it. I think I’ll have to rent it.. Does anyone else remember this movie? If you haven’t ever seen it, rent it!

Dirty Dancing with Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey. One of my top favorite movies of all time! I know every line in this movie, and I love the soundtrack too. One of the best lines..”I carried a watermelon.” Yes, I know everybody’s favorite line is “Nobody puts Baby in a corner” but seriously.. “I carried a watermelon.”

So tell me, my blogee’s, what is YOUR favorite cheesy 80’s movie?


6 Responses to “Cheesy 80’s Movies are Awesome!!”

  1. Rachael Earl says:

    Nobody puts Baby in the corner! I love Dirty Dancing, and of course pretty much any John Hughes movie, especially Pretty in Pink (except for the dad in the disgusting dirty bathrobe). Oh, and the old Val Kilmer films like Top Secret!

  2. Clare Day says:

    my all time favorite 80’s cheese is ‘Girls Just Want To Have Fun’ SJP trying to dance, Helen Hunt with the cool hair, and a VERY young Shannon Doherty pre braces 🙂 The best pile of fluff ever invented!!!!

  3. crystalgenes says:

    Airplane! for sure

    I also really love this movie called Morgan Stewart’s Coming Home, but they still haven’t put it out on DVD yet!

  4. Jill Higgins says:

    I shudder to think about the shoulder pads I wore in the 80s!! 😀
    But yes – we definitely got some great movies from the 80s – what about St. Elmo’s Fire?

  5. Cathy Crawley says:

    OMG Dirty Dancing and Mannequin were my faves! I also loved An Officer and A Gentleman, The Outsiders, and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off 🙂

  6. Lori Anderson says:

    You’re missing the best schoolkid movie ever — Breakfast Club! You can’t get any better than that. My husband is all about Crazy People, but I think he’s the crazy one.

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