Ashton and Nick’s urban, downtown Dallas maternity session!

Despite another sticky, hot evening, I had a great time with Ashton and Nick. They were full of laughs, which is my absolute favorite thing ever. They are a super sweet couple and I know their baby is going to be 110% adorable!

Ashton had the fierce look down!

See what I mean about all the laughs? Super fabulous.

That baby is going to have some gorgeous eyes.

Thanks for being such troopers in the killer heat, you guys!


5 Responses to “Ashton and Nick’s urban, downtown Dallas maternity session!”

  1. Samantha Nandez says:

    What a fun and incredibly stylish couple! 😀

  2. Gail says:

    Love her dress in those last few shots! Very cool pattern!

  3. robin says:

    I REALLY like the super closeup one in front of the cloudy piano wall, where you can't see their faces…something about that one. But dangit, they are beautiful all over the place!

  4. Melissa Klein says:

    What an awesome shoot!

  5. smittengreta says:

    cuuuuuuuuuuuute!!!!!!!! love their style and the locations you chose!!!

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