Allison and Garland’s relaxed, offbeat wedding – Part One

I loved how laid back everything was at Allison and Garland’s awesome wedding. Their friends were more like family, and I think that’s beautiful. There was no shortage of love here!

Venue: Fort Worth YWCA

Come back tomorrow for more portraits and all the fun reception details!


3 Responses to “Allison and Garland’s relaxed, offbeat wedding – Part One”

  1. Samantha Nandez says:

    Loving the group shots you took! Particularly on the one where it looks like they're on a flat wall 😀

    Looking forward to the rest!

  2. Kelli Bramble says:

    What a fun couple! Love these shots, can't wait to see more!

  3. robin cornett says:

    LOVE the formals, Brandi! Throughout, everyone looks so glad to be there…awesome.

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