A Winter Wedding in Denton!

I had the pleasure, mid-December, to shoot with the talented Jamie Coupaud up in Denton. To tell the truth, this was actually a bit of a different wedding for me, because it had a lot of ‘traditional’ wedding elements and a lot of my weddings lean toward the ‘untraditional’. But, I really enjoyed myself, and I loved watching the couple, because they were so obviously in love with one another. I had a lot of favorite shots from this wedding, but here are just a few of them. Congrats to the gorgeous pair, and thanks to Jamie for having me along!

It was rather chilly and the wind was fierce. The beautiful bridesmaids handled it like champs.

The guys prayed together.. I really loved the emotion of this shot.

The groom’s brothers during the ceremony. So sweet.

A fun thing about second shooting is catching shots like this while the primary photographer shoots formals!

Thanks for looking and happy Wednesday!


4 Responses to “A Winter Wedding in Denton!”

  1. Amorae says:

    Wow, you captured some real emotion in these shots. Lovely wedding! Really like the detail shots too.

  2. Jenna Cole says:

    The shot of the guys praying is really touching. Great emotion on his face as they are exiting as well!

  3. Joe says:

    Her smile is so real – what an awesome job you did capturing just the right 'moments'. Quite impressive. Keep it up.

  4. Adam - Adolfo says:

    The masculine shots… the brothers, the hands… their really powerful. LOVE EM.

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