A Snow Sunday Rambling..

Well, I would have a sneak peek for you this weekend, however, we decided to postpone due to.. snow?? This winter has by far been the snowiest winter of my life. The several inches of snow on the ground right now would have been incredible enough back in January but now, they’re just mind boggling. Of course, tomorrow we are supposed to be sunny and warm again. That’s Texas for you!

In other news, Brian and I recently upgraded our cell phones (yay!) We got the HTC TouchPro2 and so far, it is pretty darn sweet. One particularly awesome feature we discovered is that the camera has a panorama setting on it. We were putting this to use last night at the Maverick’s game (which they lost, but after a good fight!).

Check this out:

Pretty darn cool for a phone, right?

Happy Sunday all, I hope you’re staying warm and toasty!


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  1. Amorae says:

    The snow was truly weird! Texas weather can be so bi-polar.
    Cool pic. Super jealous that your phone can take panorama pics btw 😉

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