Zaida is three months old!

You always hear people talk about how fast babies grow; and it’s no joke. I can’t believe Zaida is already three months old. She is growing and changing so much every day! If you want to see her daily progress, be sure to add to your readers. 🙂

Here are her three month ‘official’ photos! If you missed her newborn photos, you can find them here!

Onto the cuteness..


Thanks for looking!


3 Responses to “Zaida is three months old!”

  1. Amanda says:

    Perfection! She is sooo sweet. My baby turns 1 next Tuesday.

  2. Samantha Nandez says:

    Time flies!! These are absolutely precious!! You have such a beautiful baby <3

    I like the new watermarkings you're doing. Cool idea 😀

  3. robin says:

    Brandi, she is just gorgeous! Love these pictures–what an expressive little face. And way fun with the accessories, too!!!

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