What to Wear – Rustic Family Session – Plano Family Photographer

Hello and Happy October! It’s the best month of the entire year. Fall is here, all the fun stuff is starting to happen and the weather is finally cooling down. Hurrah! Today I’ve decided to create a cozy family What to Wear board that’s inspired by a rustic trip to the mountains. Lots of warm, casual layers and neutral tones. This would be the perfect look for a session in a heavily wooded area! You don’t have to get fancy for your family session if that’s not your style. It’s okay to be comfy, as long as it’s a polished comfy. Here are your links for this month:

Brother: Sweater | Shirt | Pants | Shoes | Hat

Dad: Shirt | Jacket | Pants | Shoes

Sister: Shirt | Jacket | Pants | Boots

Mom: Shirt | Vest | Pants | Boots

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Take care and have a fantastic weekend.

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