What to Wear: May 2012 – Modern Maternity Portraits

Here in Texas it’s already heating up. 90 degrees (or more)? That’s summer weather! So inspired by our warm summer weather, I put together some fun maternity looks with wearable neutrals combined with some flattering jewel tones. Guys, don’t shy away from fun ties. Instead of keeping your shirt buttoned all the way, roll up the sleeves, and wear the tie loosely, with your top button open. You still get the pop of color, but you’re a little more relaxed. I’ve included a couple of options for shoes on the dressier look for my pregnant ladies. Some ladies may be comfortable wearing a heel to their maternity session, and some may not. Wear what feels best for you. You might even bring a couple of pair of shoes, so that you can change out if you decide you’re no longer comfortable. You can’t have too many options!

I hope you enjoy this inspiration board and if you’re interested in booking a maternity session, drop me a line!

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