Stephanie and Kyle are getting married!

I went out earlier today with Stephanie and Kyle to Fair Park for a mini e-session. In just an hour we busted out TONS of awesome shots. It’s not hard when you have a ridiculously good looking couple like these two thou. I am a lucky photographer, everybody I take pictures of just happens to be attractive..sweet!

Love the ring, very simple but bold at the same time.

Stephanie is a shoe girl, just like me!

We found a pocket of super yummy light.

No animals around here.. but they were still with us in smell 😉

Hello legs that go on forever, seriously! I love it when men have that protective look, it’s so sweet.

Oh yeah.. I can’t forget this.. hehe.

I had a blast with you guys and I can’t wait until your wedding next June!

I do have more Halloween stuff to blog, so stay tuned! Now I need to get off the computer and finish getting ready to play some Wii tonight with my brother and people.


9 Responses to “Stephanie and Kyle are getting married!”

  1. Wai Reyes Photography says:

    You can never go wrong with red shoes! Love the half-body shot against the wall. Great post!


  2. Mark W. says:

    Great shots!

  3. Kelly LaBruyere says:

    I love those red shoes! You got some great shots!

  4. Leandra says:

    Nice shoes! Love the one in the yummy light… is that a parking garage?

  5. Jamie says:

    Jamie came to visit and saw this fab blog with wicked images. You da bomb!

  6. Autumn Gibson says:

    The red shoes are great!

  7. ed pingol says:

    dang!!! legs for days. LOVE the last photo, not the squirrel, but of the couple. so clean. great use of lines.


  8. Lindsey says:

    Gorgeous images– love the compositions.

    And way to show off her AMAZING legs. Wow!

  9. Rich Smith says:

    Love this session! I especially love the “blue step” photo. Rockin’!

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