Lauren & Cody’s Goofy, Colorful Deep Ellum Session!

I am telling you up front that there are approximately elevenity-billion photos in this post (or, 41)…but, I just could NOT narrow it down. This session is so jam packed with cuteness that I’m pretty sure it’s illegal in 37 states. I had such a great time shooting these two that it is hard to put into words, so instead, I’ll just show you some pictures!

(In case you’re thinking to yourself, Hey, they look awfully young to be getting married.. they aren’t! They’re high school sweethearts.)

I actually didn’t notice the cool powerline shadows until after I looked at the shot on the computer.

Work it!

So sweet. 🙂

It’s so nice, it’s worth posting twice.

The dancing was all them. 🙂

I was leading the way and Cody, Lauren and Amorae (Lauren’s big sister, and one of my brides) were following behind me. I caught the hijinks!

…Then Amorae exclaimed that they are supposed to be pictures of Lauren & Cody, and she ran away. 🙂

I told you, illegally cute!

When I asked what they loved, they said bright colors, so we definitely went after some bright colors!

All smiles from beginning to end. Love it.

If you made it through all the photos, I know you’ll agree it was totally worth it. Thanks to Lauren & Cody (& Amorae!), you guys are awesome. Happy Thursday, all!


10 Responses to “Lauren & Cody’s Goofy, Colorful Deep Ellum Session!”

  1. Marguerite says:

    How fun! Their personality really comes through.

  2. Annie Warren says:

    These images are just amazing Brandi! I LOVE the bright vibrant colours… and such fun locations. And you're so right about that couple. Call the Cute Police. They are just adorable together. *sigh*

  3. smittenamber says:

    they are so cute! i love her smile! you did a great job showcasing their super fun personalities! i loved the ones with them against the bright colors. the one where they're in that circle thing. great session!

  4. Kelli Bramble says:

    These are gorgeous Brandi! Love the one with her on his back…you caught some awesome expressions…Love them!

  5. Lynn says:

    They are too freaking cute. Lauren's smile is amazing! Great job with all the fun poses. 🙂

  6. Frank DiMeo says:

    Wow they must love these and you too Brandy! Love what Annie wrote about the Cute Police… so true.
    Great backgrounds, great light, great moments, and great everything!
    They got some serious height in the leaping photo too!

  7. Rachael Earl says:

    These are SO fun! I absolutely love all the color and personality in them! GREAT JOB!!!!

  8. Sylvia Borgo says:

    They are absolutely adorable! I'm so glad you posted all 41 images. Love their smiles, love the location, love the color.

  9. Samantha Nandez says:

    That's just beyond adorable. Great pics!!

  10. Amorae says:

    Never get tired of looking at these pictures 🙂

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