France, day five – Rouen and Honfleur!

On day five we headed out to start exploring less populated, and less touristy, parts of France. First, we headed to this beautiful little town called Rouen. We absolutely loved it.. It was full of charm. Rouen has the interesting history of being the place where Joan of Arc was burned at the stake. The whole town seems dedicated to the history of Joan of Arc.

A church dedicated to Joan of Arc.

We checked out this interesting little museum across from the church that was full of Joan of Arc history.

There is also a Notre Dame in Rouen, and this is it.

The plague cemetery, which is surrounded by what is currently an art school. How cool is that?

Then we headed out to find our first bed and breakfast, near Honfleur.

Honfluer! Also a charming town.

The interior of Saint Catherine’s, an all wood church. It seems to pay homage to the fact this town relies on boats on the water.

See the blue dot in the lower right hand part of the screen? That’s where we were!

We found this awesome beach that was completed deserted..

Can you see the heart?

Then, on the way back we went through what can only be described as a fairy tale like garden full of greenery, flowers and sculptures.. It was amazing!

The view from our bed and breakfast that night.

This day was one of my favorites on the whole trip. The towns were beautiful, and almost unreal in their quaint factor. If you find yourself in France, I highly recommend them both!


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  1. Sherri Johnson says:

    OMG, that sunset shot is amazing! Are you using a TS lens?

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