France, Day Eight!

On day eight, we visited two chateaus in the Amboise area. It may sound funny, but historical buildings and historical furniture really get my heart beating. Visiting chateaus gave me a chance to enjoy these things in a big way!

First, we stopped by Azay-Le-Rideau, which was one of my favorite chateaus on the outside.. It totally looked like a fairy tale castle to me!

Next, we headed toward “the woman’s chateau” also known as Chenonceau!

First, we took in the view at the famed Loire river.

Walking up to Chenonceau was spectacular in itself.

Years of tourism have worn away the original design on the tile.

The fireplace clearance was around 6 feet. I could easily stand under it, and I’m 5’9″!

There were many beautiful bedrooms but this one was my favorite.

I hope you enjoyed sharing my in geekery. I hope everybody has a fabulous weekend and come back next week for Delaney & Philip’s wedding and lots more good stuff!


2 Responses to “France, Day Eight!”

  1. Samantha Nandez says:

    Oooo wonderful!! I so want my bedroom to look like those medieval rooms. I love the ornate details and post beds! And how cool to have a castle built over water 😀 Sad about the tile :/ Kinda makes me wish they'd cover it with a layer of plastic before it got too worn.

  2. lynn says:

    Between you posting France pictures and Gail posting London pictures, you both are making me crazy jealous! 🙂

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