Dallas Fort Worth Portrait Photography Discounts, Contests and Giveaways!

Can you believe it’s already July? 2010 is half way over! To celebrate the beginning of a fabulous second half of the year, I’ve decided to run some fun contests and promotions for my awesome blog readers!

The first promotion is a big one! All portrait sessions shot in July get a $25 discount! Not only do you get a discount, but you get to choose where it goes. You can either pay a smaller session fee of $175 and get your normal $50 credit, OR you can pay the normal session fee of $200 and get a $75 credit to apply toward prints or digital files.
No additional discounts may be applied.

Next up, we have a fun and easy contest. I took lots of pictures while we were vacationing in France. All you have to do is take a guess at HOW many pictures I took! The closest guess, without going over, will win a $100 session that includes a $25 credit. You can submit your guesses until July 7th! Just leave a comment with the number of photos you think I took.
Winning session must occur before September 30, in the Dallas area. No other discounts may be applied.

Lastly, it’s your chance to win a FREE photo session. Do you have a fun, unique idea for a photo session? It could be a theme, a location, or really anything! Send me an email with your idea before July 14th, and then blog readers will vote on the idea they want to see come to life!
Ideas should be both legal and safe. Winner will be picked July 21st. Winning session must occur before September 30, in the Dallas area. No additional discounts may be applied. No product credit is included.

So, here’s a rundown of all the fun July promotions:

July 1st – July 31st:
All portrait sessions save $25!

July 1st – July 7th:
Guess how many photos I took in France. Winner gets a 50% off session.

July 1st – July 14th:
Submit your unique photo session idea for a chance to win a free session!

Also, July 31st will be the LAST day to book your 2011 wedding at 2010 prices. 2011 Wedding Prices will go info effect as of August 1st.

Send me an email to book your session or submit your unique idea, or if you have any questions!


6 Responses to “Dallas Fort Worth Portrait Photography Discounts, Contests and Giveaways!”

  1. Lizzie [Ten Thou Bride] says:

    Wowza, Brandi! These are some great promotions! Can't wait to participate!

  2. Amorae says:

    I can't even imagine how many pictures you took. Gonna guess 1,400.

  3. Katie Belle says:

    I am guessing you took 2,500 photos!

  4. Kyson says:

    I am gonna guess 2,800

  5. Lo Daly says:

    I think it's 960.

  6. Samantha Nandez says:

    I'm gonna have to guess…close to 3,000. Cuz if you're anything like me, your camera was likely in front of your face the whole time ;D

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