Congratulations to the US Olympic Team!

Even though I don’t consider myself an athletic person in the least, I really enjoying watching the Olympics. It’s impressive to watch the abilities the athletes posses, but I also love watching people’s life long dreams come true. I tear up at almost every single medal ceremony.

A big congratulations to our fabulous US Olympic team, who brought home 9 Gold, 15 Silver and 13 Bronze medals, with an overall combined record setting win. Also, congratulations to our Northern neighbors, Canada, with their record breaking 14 Gold medals, including that highly coveted gold in hockey!

My personal favorite winter Olympic sport is ice skating! We did experience defeat for the American women’s figure skating, but I know we’ll come back in 2014. However, in ice dancing and men’s figure skating, we rocked it!

Evan won Gold in men’s figure skating. YEAH! (Photo here)

The adorable Meryl Davis and Charlie White won silver in ice dancing! (Photo here)

All in all I thought it was a great Olympics and I can’t wait until the next summer Olympics to see what our US team does then!

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