Bringing the Hotness with new business cards!

I am SO EXCITED about these super super hot new business cards. Pictures can’t even adequately capture their yummy-ness. They are printed on shimmery pearl paper that really makes them pop! Check it out:

The front of the cards starring Lizz and David, Eve and Catherine and Travis!

The back of the cards, starring my fabulous branding colors. The pink looks especially delicious on the sparkly paper.

A close up shot of the sparkly action!


8 Responses to “Bringing the Hotness with new business cards!”

  1. Rachael Earl says:

    Those look AWESOME!!! Congrats! The pearl paper really fits your branding well!

  2. Andy Schwartz says:

    Damn!! Those ARE hot! I love the pearl paper.

  3. lynn says:

    Awesome! We got new cards today too, though they aren't as snazzy as these. I want to do a pearl design so bad….just need time to find the right images for the paper.

    We are on our fourth or fifth design for business cards….they are so easy to customize, and I get bored fast, so I keep making different ones. Hehe. 🙂

  4. Studio222 Photography says:

    They are so YOU. Perfect. I need to get to ordering some new ones as well. Thanks for the reminder!

  5. catherine says:

    Those are some FINE choices of pictures! They look NICE!

  6. ohana photographers says:

    shweeeeeet sparkly goodness! awesome brandi totally you!

  7. Kelly LaBruyere says:

    I LOVE your new cards!! They look so awesome!

  8. BEACHLUVER says:

    They look awesome. You're photos and sense of style are so fun. Everyone truly is a ROCKSTAR, they just might need a little help seeing it!

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