Bold Winter What to Wear – Plano Family Photographer

Oops, I meant to put this board together in early to mid November and I just ran out of time. I was too busy doing more critical stuff. But, I finally got it finished and here it is; the last What to Wear board of 2014! I can’t believe I’ve been making these boards for three years now. I hope you’ve enjoyed them and found them to be inspirational. Today’s board is one of my personal favorite color combos and it’s one I did for my own family in the past. It’s pretty bold with a bit of an edge to it. The cozy sweaters keep it just a little bit soft and definitely winter appropriate!

As a bonus, a lot of this stuff is on sale so if you love something – snag it up!

Big Sister: Sweater | Red Pants | Boots | Headband

Mom: Dress | Scarf | Tights | Boots

Little Sister: Plaid Dress | Sweater | Tights | Boots | Hat

Dad: Shirt | Sweater | Pants | Shoes

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll have a fresh new What to Wear board in 2015!


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  1. Jenny says:

    I love that you do these! Not only does it help me with putting together outfits for our family pics, but it also just gives me cute everyday outfit ideas for the whole family! Plus, I like that the choices are so affordable too. Thank you so much!

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