Beautiful blue skies..

On my way home from taking a math test (collective groan, please) I was just admiring the sky as I often do… So today I actually took my camera out and took a quick snap of the sky.

Feel free to come back to this post every time you are stressed out and enjoy the calming sensation of a beautiful blue sky. Ahhhhh…..


3 Responses to “Beautiful blue skies..”

  1. Erinna says:

    Im glad to see Im not the only person who admires and photographs clouds 🙂

    Its lovely – feels so warm (very different to the storms here atm).

  2. Jill Higgins says:

    I have thought about doing that so many times. I love a cloudy sky! 🙂

  3. Dustin Izatt says:

    Oh, gorgeous 🙂 I too love taking pictures of clouds and everytime I do, my wife Tiffany is always like “what in the world are you going to do with a picture of the clouds” lol. Great shot

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